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Donnewell Farm Caravan Club CL, Durham

Oct 30 2014 12:00 AM | sonjaf in Campsite of the day

A working farm and open all year

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Riverside Paddock Camping Site, Newport, Isle o...

Oct 29 2014 12:00 AM | sonjaf in Campsite of the day

Adults only campsite and open all year

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Technical Centre

Fleetwood Garland 165-5

Don't you just love it!!! Jads comes on the forum on the 14th August requesting help, got some replies but never reappears with feedback, thanks, nothing!! Sometimes make you wonder why we bother!!...

Photo PaulgknPosted  Today, 04:05 PM Viewed 188 times

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Travel and holidays

Donnewell Farm Caravan Club CL, Durham

Good timing!  Just returned yesterday from long weekend there but I don't recognise the photo unless it was taken on the Rally Field.  One of the pubs is the Dun Cow where Tony B introduc...

Photo samdPosted  Today, 09:36 AM Viewed 13 times

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Nights away 2014

Another 4 night mental health break for me please. Stayed at the always superb Plough Lane Campsite at Chippenham

Photo AlBundy65Posted  Oct 27 2014 07:07 PM Viewed 3877 times

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Hobbies and Lifestyle

Raining -- It is pouring

In forum Computer Corner
You know what they say - it never rains but it pours..   E-Bay --- Well what with the E-bay scam thing - which hopefully is sorted.   Now my PC has gone down -- with all my stuff on it.   Accounts --- I use an accounting program called Quicken and the version I have is 2004 deluxe...

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Certificated Locations - CL

Certificated Locations are small 5 caravan or motorhomes sites approved by the Caravan Club for Caravan Club members only See Certificated Sites for the Camping and Car........

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