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The Boyce Caravan Park

Aug 01 2014 12:00 AM | sonjaf in Campsite of the day

Set in 100 acres of countryside

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Ambassador of the Flower campsites, Sebastien C...

Jul 31 2014 12:00 AM | markf in News

International rugby star, will be touring across the south of France. He will make a unique visit in Soulac-sur-Mer on Monday 4th august.

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Technical Centre

My ultimate tow car !

We had a rally a while ago, can't remember where but at the same time there was a Reliant Robin rally going on in the the adjacent field, Police and ambulance turned up as a couple of them had a...

Photo Steve&TracyPosted  Today, 06:50 AM Viewed 515 times

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Travel and holidays

can it get worse 8-(

Rodders I hope you've got everything sorted out, and are having a good time under the Languedoc sun.   For the tomato stains, have a look in Lidl to see if they're selling the 'Stain Remover'...

Photo Val_APosted  Today, 06:40 AM Viewed 174 times

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Nights away 2014

Hi Sonja   Another 6 nights please at CL in Holt Norfolk   Thanks Mick and Sharon

Photo camsteamPosted  Jul 30 2014 08:09 PM Viewed 2567 times

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Favourite daily paper

In forum Reading
Whats your favourite daily paper. My OH only reads the Mail if it has sold out he won't buy anything else.

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Storm Strap

See also Tie down Storm strap, used to anchor an awning during heavy wind, some awnings have clips for storm straps to be connected to. Generally storm straps and tie........

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